The best yahoo answers post ever...

This is probably the best yahoo answers question I have ever read: Well my wife is making me sleep outside and not feeding me? 
yes, this period has been so dificult that i have completely turned away from religion, it has been two hard for me to still believe, and scientology has completely abandoned me, i can no longer put any faith in religion. also my wife has thrown me out and i am now no longer allowed to sleep in the garage, because her new boyfriend named kieth is a musician and he needs the garage for a studio, so she is letting me still come into the house by day, because i own the house so legally she has to let me in during the daytime, also her boyfriend kendall the scientologost was so angry about kieth moving in that he is threatening to leave, which would be great for me because i am afraid of kendall and he has threatened my life many times, usually just for watching animal cops when he want to watch star track even though its my tv, and him and kieth do not get along aat all and kieth is much nicer because he is a musician so he keeps to himself, and he is a drug salesmen. so i need some advice on what to do... it will be dark soon and i will be thrown out into the alley, i am wondering if i could stay at your house tonight because there are a lot of kids in this neyborhood who have taken insident with me after i called the cops on them, and also my neybor has promised me he will kill me, so i need some help tonight so that my neybor dosent strip down into his naked skin and come for me in the darnkness

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