Narcissistic Nurses

Nurse - "It's one hour into my shift, time for me to make another tiktok of myself dancing!"
Patient- "Help me, I'm dying."
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, I'm completely over some of my fellow nurses. I'm done with them. Sure, I posted the mandatory, "dressed up in the COVID protective gear" selfie on Instagram to show some solidarity, but damn. Can you guys cool it with the narcissism?

I mean, I understand that maybe some of them are being approached by journalists and maybe are being portrayed in a certain light. But some of them are also being super over-dramatic on the public face.

Did not want the attention? Yea, right.
"Everyday I leave, and my 6 year old child hugs me and says some home alive, mommy." These kind of statements certainly pull at the heart-strings. But you also have to ask yourself what the hell these people are telling these young kids. But what I see it as is a form of ME ME ME

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