Beer Tuesdays: Beer with chili cheeseburgers

There's really nothing better in the summer than a good grilled cheeseburger. For this post, I'm going to talk about a beer I've reviewed before in the past, Red Hare Gangway IPA. However for this review edition, I've paired it with grilled cheeseburgers which I've prepared with a healthy dose of leftover slow-cooked chili to turn it into an amazing and delicious chili cheeseburger.

Step one: I'm no BBQ snob, but I also realize you really don't need any fancy shmancy BBQ briquettes to create a good fire for cooking a burger. So I gathered up some branches and sticks from around my yard and built a fire inside my smoker/grill. I let the sticks burn until there was a nice little fire going.

Step two: When the fire was going for a minute, I put the grill grates on and closed the grill. Meanwhile, I went inside and grabbed myself a cold beer, my grill tools, fixins, and the burger patties out of the fridge. Now that the grill was nice and hot, I sprayed a bit of cooking oil onto the grill grates so my patties wouldn't stick, threw the patties on over the hottest parts of the fire, and closed the grill again. 

Step three: After letter the patties cook for a while, I flipped them and moved them away from the heat a little bit and put the cheese on to melt. I like my onions and red peppers grilled so I threw those on along with the buns so everything would get nice and toasty. Obviously, I didn't grill the romaine lettuce or sliced tomato.

Step Four: Assembling the chili burger. For this I put the cool stuff on the bottom, the hot stuff on the top. I used onion sandwich buns. On the bottom I placed the lettuce topped with the tomato (otherwise the bun gets soggy). I added the cheeseburg, a few pieces of onion, a hunk of red pepper, and a big huge dollop of chili. 

Paired absolutely perfectly with the IPA I was drinking.

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