R.I.P. Amanda Atchley aka @aleighrocks

Amanda was an early friend in Atlanta that I met through Twitter. As an early adopter of  of social media, really you could have called her a Twitter influencer before the word influencer was even a thing.

I started talking to Amanda because, like me, she was a nightbird. We became friends over some similar life experiences that we had, and a lot of shared interest in the burgeoning art of using social media as a marketing tool.

Although I never met Amanda in person, we spent hours and hours and hours talking. We would often make plans to meet that just never happened for one reason or another. 

The last time I spoke to Amanda she was working for a radio station in Birmingham, Alabama, and was having some difficulties with her job. Overall, she didn't seem very happy with having moved back to Alabama. After that, we didn't talk anymore because she stopped replying to my messages. She would leave me on read, and never reply.

I figured maybe she got a boyfriend or something and didn't have a place in her life for a close male friend anymore. 

I continued to think of her from time to time, and would check her accounts, but she had become radio silent on social media and seemed to have disappeared off the Internet. 

Several years went by and I was doing hygiene on my friends list; especially people that I hadn't talked to in a long time. I decided to do a little bit of investigation because Amanda wasn't replying to me. 

This is when I came across the above Facebook post that her sister had made.  Per Amanda, she and her sister had a somewhat contentious relationship. I tried reaching out to her sister, but never heard back. I can only speculate what became of Amanda. But I was shocked and very saddened when I learned of her passing. Worse, I learned of her passing years after the fact. 

I was going through her list of friends on Facebook, trying to read her updates, find where she had commented on people's pictures, and that sort of thing. trying to piece together what happened, or even what she was going through during her last few days. I saw a lot of her updates talking about depression and feeling alone. But I also saw a lot of the people in her friends list, very young people in their 20s and 30s, had passed away as well. 

She was such a nice person. 

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